The origins of the company go back before the First World War with Mr. PAUL POULEUR who worked for the theaters and operas in Flanders and Brussels. It was after World War II that Mr. CAMMANS took charge of the company and named it COSTHEA.

1972: COSTHEA was taken over by gentlemen Giancarlo CRIVELLARO and Ferdinand BARENDSE. Today COSTHEA is run by Mrs Chris CRIVELLARO-BEEKMAN and her son Mr Giordano CRIVELLARO. This long experience gave us the possibility to create a huge stock of period costumes by working with Belgian and foreign designers. We can count among them: Andrei IVANEANU, Nuno CORTE-REAL, Thierry BOSQUET, Jacques VAN NEROM, Yann TACKS, Marik BAERT,…

Theaters, opera houses and cinemas use our know-how to rent and make their costumes. We also provide our costumes to any individual who would be willing to dress for their parties or events. Business hours from Monday to Friday. From 9am to 5pm at 22 Quai aux Briques, 1000 Brussels.

Phone: 0032 (0) 2 512 02 73
Mail: via our contact form